I felt like I became a part of the history I was reading.

As I held the Civil Rights Movement chartwheel in my hands and turned the window to a particular date and event, I felt like I became part of the history I was reading.  It was as though interactive experience of controlling the movement of the wheel from one window of information to another, together with the riveting historical photos connected me with that period of time. What a wonderful educational and personal experience…history you can touch!

– B. Bonaventre, New York, NY

Every day I pass it and smile

Your American Presidents Wheel is displayed on my refrigerator and every day I pass it and smile. Nicely done!
– L. Glauberman, New York, NY

The American Presidents wheel…fills in the blanks…

The American Presidents Wheel makes evident our country’s presidential history and fills in the blanks of the origins and accomplishments of past presidents.

– L. Jacobson – Bellingham, WA

A great piece of entertainment…especially for kids during a long road trip.

I just wanted to let you know what a joy it was to use your chart wheels during a long road trip my wife and I took for our anniversary. On our way up to Cape Cod, we hit some horrendous traffic (crawling for about 25 exits. Two and a half hours later, and 3 wheels used, we were out of the traffic and speeding along. This would be a great piece of entertainment for anyone, especially for kids on a long road trip.

– J. Vu, Queens, NY


A history lesson in motion

What a dynamic piece…a tribute to American democracy and a history lesson in motion…and this Canadian now has a device that fills in my many historical gaps.

– R. Kielman – Vermont