The missing link!

The civil rights and voting rights chartwheels “are revealing and powerful educational tools. In my several decades as a civil rights activist, advocate and educator, I have never seen anything like them!…They are the missink link in our chain of understanding and action. They belong in the classrooms and homes of the country.

– Rev. C.T. Vivian, 2013 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient

It doesn’t get any better!

The Civil Rights chartwheel has proven to be an excellent tool! The students pick up the chartwheel and start turning it. They go to the topics they recognize first and then they begin to explore.  There is something familiar about the chartwheels for most kids.  It seems more like a game than a learning tool.  And that is exactly what makes it work.  It’s not intimidating. When it’s fun, different, new and captivating, you get engagement, and that leads to better retention…it doesn’t get any better!”

M. Harris – Social Studies Teacher, Central High School, Newark, NJ

Dynamic discussion through quick reference points

The Modern Civil Rights Movement chartwheel provides a timeline of Civil Rights events, people, organizations, geographic significance and policies in a fun interactive manner, which allows for dynamic discussion through quick references points.

– Terry Hunt – Social Studies Teacher, Northwest Rankin High School, Rankin, MS

They are excitingly manipulative…and effective.

We are enthused by the potential of the Civil Rights chartwheels for our middle and high school Facing History programs.  They are excitingly manipulative and, in this age of on-line everything, having a learning tool in   your hands that doesn’t have to be downloaded or powered on is refreshing and effective.  For our work, as we endeavor to bring the drama and lessons of the Movement to classrooms, this is the perfect complement for teaching and connecting the transformative events of the period.  Your Civil Rights chartwheel provides a spine to hang the narrative body on.

– Peter Nelson, Director – NY Office, Facing History And Ourselves

History Teacher – Newark, NJ

The Civil Rights chartwheel has proven to be an excellent tool.  I used it in conjunction with an assessment I do on Civil Rights legislation. The back of the chartwheel helped the students determine which Civil Rights act was violated in various scenarios acted out by students in small groups.  Presently, I am using the American Presidents chartwheel as we review for our AP exam next week.  I have the samples up on my whiteboard with magnetic clips.  Few kids have been able to resist investigating this new tool, and many have offered suggestions as to how we can use them.

– M. Harris, Central High School