Chartwheels help make the learning process meaningful and fun.
Chartwheels help make the learning process meaningful and fun.

Educational ChartWheels are excellent learning tools for students at all levels, from elementary through high school.  The wheels instantly capture the attention of students and provide them with immediate feedback.  They are engaged in a multi-sensory approach that encourages and prompts them to continue their research online or through traditional hardcopy resources.  ChartWheels help make the learning process meaningful and fun.  Getting students to truly engage in the subject matter is one of the highest goals teachers strive for in the classroom. This interactive and uniquely flexible learning tool helps teachers achieve that goal.

– A. DeLuca – Former Director of Special Services, Bergen County, NJ


Advanced ESL Instructor

“My students were delighted with the American Presidents Wheel. Here’s how I used the wheels: I distributed the wheels–to squeals of glee–and asked each student to pick a number between 1 and 43. I then explained that each student was assigned to the corresponding President. (I used the wheels to generate a research assignment using our library resources.)  I then told them to research in detail the event featured on the wheel. After gathering the information, they presented their findings in an oral presentation. The wheels provided an engaging, fun impetus for their projects.”

– B. Jaccarino – Brooklyn, NY



11th Grade History Teacher – Atlanta

“I want to take a moment to thank you for introducing the American Presidents Wheel to my 11th grade U.S. History Students. I can truly say that in my 15 years of teaching U.S History I cannot remember any learning device that has captured the attention and imagination of my students like this wonderful learning tool. As I observed their immediate and sustained engagement, I realized there was a dynamic, tactile experience of discovery at work…They were totally captivated…As you have stated, it is “history you can hold.”

– W. Cotton –  Atlanta, GA

I am now 24 and am enjoying it and learning more…
I am now 24 and am enjoying it and learning more…

My family moved to the United States from Peru when I was 14 and I went to an ESL high school for students who were in the country for no more than 4 years. I wish that I had the Civil Rights wheel when I was studying this subject. It highlights and summarizes the main points and it would have been big help reviewing for tests. Turning the circle with the windows to short sections of information makes it easier to remember what is important.  I also think it’s a great and valuable idea for any history subject. Anyway, I am now 24 and am enjoying it and learning more as an adult.  Thank you!

– V. Chaparro, Queens, New York

Joachina – 11th grade

I love the Civil Rights wheel! I am in the 11th grade and am studying Civil Rights now. All of the important information is in the palm of my hand.”

– Joachina – New York City, NY