(It) made a massive improvement in my school performance.

Hi!  As a student  I feel that the chart wheel was one of the small inventions that made a massive improvement  in my school performance. I believe that this would also be a useful tool for a biology class or chemistry class where you have to memorize a lot of information.

-V. Tinsley, Central H.S. (Newark, NJ)


It really helped me in my history class.

I believe that a chart wheel would be great for every subject. It helps you to find a substantial quantity of information without spending a lot of time. It really helped me in my history class.

-S. Kovach, Central H.S. (Newark, NJ)


Makes learning easier

These chart wheels are great, I love them. I wish I had them for every subject. Makes learning easier.

-B. Horne, Central High School (Newark, NJ)


It makes it easier to remember the information.

I’ve always been interested in facts about the states, so for me the States Facts and Trivia chartwheel is very cool! I like how you can choose what you want to see by turning the wheel to a state. Turning the chartwheel is a better learning activity than turning flash cards because it makes it easier to remember the information.

– Jabulela – 7th grader, Los Angeles, CA


It’s not another “boring” book.

Currently, I am a ninth grade student at New Rochelle High School.  I have a genuine interest in history and, I hope to become a history teacher.

The Chartwheel provided many important facts regarding the Civil Rights Movement.  Children and teens will like the wheel because it’s not another “boring book”.  It looks appealing and is easy to use.   I think it is a very valuable tool.

–  Tyler, New Rochelle, NY